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" A designer has the natural ability to arrange or rearrange various elements like materials, ink and fabric to create something that speaks to the beholder."

Wear JO

The first Wear Jo boutique is situated in a quaint and attractive lifestyle centre in White River. Fitting in with the centre "with a difference," Wear Jo is a boutique with a difference. Jo is personally available to assist ladies in making the right choices to match their individual appearances. The second Wear Jo boutique has now opened in the Crossings Centre in Nelspruit on the insistence of our customers.

After struggling to find international flair with quality, Jo designs and manufactures her own brand. Top class Canadian brands like Frank Lyman and FDJ. Italian brands Cristina Gavioli, Liu Jo can also be found at Wear Jo. The difference in quality and feel is immediately felt in these brands. They are long lasting and will be part of your fashion armament for years to come.

Wear Jo has not overlooked the importance of shoes to compliment  your outfit and we stock Paula Urban from Spain. The superior quality is evident just by looking at the shoes and once they are tried on, all doubt disappears! 

Jo assures customers of her commitment to excellence of service which comes easy due to the great products on offer!

The Person

From around ten years of age, I was introduced to fabric and the art of designing, manufacturing and selling clothes. Our market was a complicated and austere one!

My mother embarked on this adventure out of necessity rather than pleasure and I was conscripted into her plans. Her immediate objective was to sell clothing to feed her family.

I was born in Lithuania and we were part of the Soviet Union, fashion and style was the very last thought on our minds. 


While I did not enjoy travelling to an open market on a bus with heavy bags full of freshly made clothes to sell in bitterly cold winters, I loved the feel of the various fabrics that I worked with. I loved the process of creating something pleasing with my small hands.

My mother sent me on a high-level sewing course with adults such was my love for designing and creating. 

Fashion choices were extremely limited but I was smartly and differently dressed due to me being able to make my own clothes.

 I was unable to follow my dream to become a fashion designer with formal qualifications but my yearning to design and create was satisfied by constructing commercial and residential buildings.

Concentrating on business rather than fashion designing, my next major opportunity to create something of excellence and beauty only came much later on. I moved to Africa and designed and built our lodge in the thick and wild South African bush.

I furthered my insatiable need to create by painting the wild pets roaming around our home, on most of the walls of our lodge.

Our lodge has been peer-reviewed by many nationalities and the reviews have reawakened my need to create.

I believe that every woman is beautiful in her own right and that her beauty is able to come to the fore by wearing the right clothes. 

"Wear Jo" is my long-awaited return to fabric and fashion! 

The label "designer" means that you are able to create something pleasing in whatever medium you are working in. The creative eye transcends preconceived notions that one can only create in a singular field. I know this is true for me as I started with fabrics and clothing yet designed and built a large commercial building in Europe.

With equal ease, I designed and built a lodge in the greater Kruger National Park. My love for creating continued through the paintings that I painted and hung in our lodge. I used a few different styles to paint my subjects that are found in nature. I love the diverse moods and characters that individual animals display and I captured their hidden messages and moods on canvass.

I opened a jewellery shop in Vilnius, the capital city in Lithuania and brought a unique and completely different approach to jewellery design. It took some time, but eventually, the jewellery industry followed my lead and I believe that I was instrumental in revolutionizing the attitude to jewellery design in Lithuania.

In designing and making clothes, some believe that simplicity combined with flair is an oxymoron but it works for me. I can't imagine myself reinventing the wheel in fashion.

My projects have been worlds apart in diverse cultures and dynamics but I believe that a creative eye is always able to harness any design possibilities. 

I believe that there are patterns and design systems everywhere in nature. The essence of fashion design is visualizing and identifying the

systems and patterns found in nature and then translate them onto the appropriate fabric! 

At WearJo we offer a holistic service to our customers in that we are not the typical walk in, choose an item and walk out store. We advise and match your body to an outfit, match accompanying shoes, scarves, handbags and accessories that compliment your qualities.

We offer qualified and honest advice helping you to confidently stride and strut your stuff in our quality clothing. We view our customer as an individual with specific qualities and requirements and identify the appropriate outfit for them.

We do not sell clothing... we sell confidence, we sell the best you, we sell a pleasurable and enduring experience.


We believe you are are beautiful... every one of you!

My Thoughts As a Designer

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