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Cristina Gavioli

The Cristina Gavioli company was established in 1986 in Carpi by Giuseppe Bertani. Over the years, the energy of a thirty year old combined with the know-how of experienced fashion designers, has made it possible to interpret a love for fashion and translate it into a philosophy of life made up of passion and creativity. The result is collections designed for the female universe, for a woman who loves to mix different styles and feel special on every occasion. Made in Italy has always been one of its strong points, and today more than ever, it is increasingly appreciated and valued by those who aspire to safeguard the traditions of their own country and district, which for years has been famous as one of the cradles of quality knitwear and clothing manufacturing. In fact, production takes place entirely in the province of Modena, where the supply chain boasts years of renowned experience. Browse our selection of Cristina Gavioli dresses, jackets, pants, knitwear & more!

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