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Jeans Fit Guide

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FDJ_Essnetials__Shot_11_1889_Christina Large.png


Best for slender hips and fuller bums.

FDJ_Essnetials__Shot_14_1963_Peggy Large.png


Best for full hips and curvy silhouette.

FDJ_Essnetials__Shot_01_1585_Olivia Large.png


Best for moderately curvy hips and hourglass silhouette.

FDJ_Essnetials__Shot_05_1646_Suzanne Large.png


Best for slender hips and straight silhouette.

How to care for your denim


To keep your jeans looking their best:

Turn jeans inside out and wash in machine in cold water on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent.

Hang jeans, smooth out any wrinkling and allow to air-dry.

If you are having issues with dark denim bleeding dye , add 1 cup of white vinegar
to enough cold water to completely cover your jeans (in the bathtub or a bucket).
Allow to soak for 30 minutes, then rinse and allow to  air-dry .

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